The Million Dollar Student Section


Best Practices

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Incentive Programs

Who we choose as partners

A top down campus initiative—we choose to partner with schools who believe the student section is a valuable asset and the student experience is the top priority. Senior leadership must have a vision of a student section that is 100% capacity, standing and engaged every game and believe it is possible on their campus. Partners must view the student section as an investment—not a marketing expense.

What we help our partners achieve

— Pack your student section every game

— Inspire students to stand, cheer and get hyped the whole game

— Capitalize on your student section and invest in your future donors

How we help our partners get results

Top 1% Student Leadership
— We help partners structure their student leadership team and set expectations for all parties involved
— We help partners identify, recruit, and onboard the most passionate students on campus and convert them to leaders

— We help partners create their goals and map out every detail involved
— We help partners implement and optimize their brand, marketing plan, in-game experience, internal ops, succession planning, and revenue models 

— We help partners transform games into events where the student section is featured as the #1 priority
— We help partners evolve their programming from PA reads and on-court promotions to a multi-sensory narrative with full-blown entertainment

Why our partners choose us

Our partners know they need help. They've tried everything. They are disappointed and frustrated with the current student section. They're not satisfied with the status quo and they're hungry for a change on campus. They feel pressure to do better. 

How our partnerships work

1) We evaluate your current situation and create a road map to success 
2) We provide the process, resources, and action items your team needs 
3) We train your people how to implement each strategy from A-Z
4) We offer support and accountability each step of the way to ensure throughput

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